Is Virtual Reality a Game Changer for Commerce?

Is Virtual Reality a Game Changer for Commerce?

The Internet endows consumers with ever increasing power regarding buying decisions.

Complex purchases may still require a store or showroom visit to experience the product of interest. But the actual purchase is likely pursued at the best price on the Internet. Contrast the consumers flexibility with the considerable cost-of-sales you must bear even if at the end the product is not purchased from you.

To offer your prospects an emotionally engaging product experience, the product itself needs first to be produced and exhibited. Exhibition floors, however, cost rent and are limited in surface. Configurations of interest are rarely all available.

Ever since Virtual Reality (VR) gained in significance over the past few years, it’s tempting to see VR as a potential solution to these retail challenges. Consumers can experience products in 3D just about anywhere, without any significant physical space requirements, and try many possible configurations in the process.

If you ever tried VR yourself, you will quickly come to three conclusions:

  1. immersion provides a truly strong emotional response to a product,
  2. technical utilities like VR googles tend to interfere with the human dialog and
  3. VR technology is difficult to integrate into the transactional enterprise IT.

I would like to help bridge the gap and am glad to be with my many years of experience at your disposal.

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