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I met Serge as a very professional colleague. He is structured, very well organized, very customer and goal oriented, very strong in execution, successful result driven and a great team player. Serge would be a valuable asset for any company looking for an executive in order to build up a business. He dreams big, he gets sh.. done and he is fun to work with. He is not only highly efficient at his own tasks, but also makes all the others better every day. During the time we worked together at SAP, Serge was cary on the responsibility for Finance, Insurance, Healthcare, Public and Service Market segment. Serge was able to grow revenue in his market segments and proved to build very successfully new customers from zero up. I can highly recommend Serge for any sales leadership role. I really enjoyed working with him! 

Bernd Jehle Senior Key Account Manager / Global Account Manager Cisco

I had the pleasure to met Serge in a time where many things were changing and we had to swim with sharks… We, the innovative but small startup Obtree in a pool with the well established global players. Back then Serge had the interesting challenge to deepen the relationship to most of our strategic customers and to develop new territories at the same time. Needless to say that a crucial set of regional management skills and being one of the most gifted sales guys I’ve ever met was the foundation to succeed and to grow business in a difficult environment. One of the most impressive talents of Serge is to stay human, focused and demanding to the team including the key partners to achieve the goals. Serge is a absolutely team oriented person, who drives whatever he does with passion and true leadership in the boundaries of all aspects, whether they are of human, technical, strategic, tactical or political nature. Pressure is pure dope to him and he is a true lodestone in unknown territories to all of us. His integrity, honesty and simply his personality are making him a true friend. It was simply a honor being on the same flight-deck with him for some years. So, dear headhunters: be fast as I’m still haven’t give up to make sure to work once in the same team with him

Robert Mahr Vice President EMEA Alliances & EU North Sales (EMEA North & MEE) Mirakle / Advisor to the Board Q-nnect

Serge is a forward thinker and motivating leader in the digital and technology space. He inspires, innovates and remains solution driven. His entrepreneurial mindset sees no boundaries that cannot be overcome. He regroups, pivots and pushes forward with a contagious positive spirit that makes it exciting to work alongside. Serge always looks at business challenges as opportunities and is eager to find the solution with an empowered team. His ability to navigate through the most complicated mazes of organisations is second to none. His extensive experience in digital innovation and transformation management, which is transmissive to a broad array of industries, was in integral part ot our success. I thoroughly enjoyed working with Serge and highly recommend him.

Juergen Debusmann CEO at Inside Reality, Associate Partner @ Berbalk Communications

During my time at Unic I worked very close with Serge where we built together a strategic partnership which drove significant growth (millions CHF) for both organizations at that time. Serge sees the bigger picture, is very passionate about it and get things done! Mixed with his business development and sales expertise this makes a very powerful combination. I can highly recommend Serge in any international leading business development or sales leadership role.

Patrick Barnert Board Of Directors Evolute Group AG / Board Advisor Share&Charge Foundation / Board Of Directors Amazee Metrics / Vice Chair & Member of the Executive Board IRTA – International RegTech Association

Serge and I met when we went after the Enterprise Portal opportunity at Swiss International Airlines, back in the day when the airline was launched like a startup on steroids. We were both at Obtree in Basel. He was Business Development Manager Southern Europe and Key Account Manager for most of our biggest clients, such as ABN Amro Bank, Astra Zeneca, BMW, etc. I was one of the company’s co-founders and looked after Product Management and Business Development for our high-end ECM solutions at the time. Apart from the fact that it is really hard not to like Serge, we shared the same mix of technical acumen combined with awesome selling skills – a deadly weapon in the wrong hands! Needless to say that we won the deal, hands down the biggest deal of the company. And what’s more, I won a friend that I share a bunch of really strange values with, like being smart and handsome, full of integrity, easy to do business with, endowed with an unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit, you know what I am talking about. You just have to meet him. And if you don’t know what I am talking about? Well, then I hope you don’t meet him! Saves him and you some precious time … 🙂 

Chris Henn Chief Technology Officer Inside Reality / President SWISSRIFT

Serge is an outstanding business development- and consulting talent. Especially in the field of ECM Enterprise Content Management and CRM Customer Relationship Management solutions. His visionary views on matters impressed me throughout our collaboration. Serge is a target focused, very strong business leader and has extraordinary skills in managing and motivating his team members. I enjoyed working with and for Serge. My very best recommendations!

Enzo Urbinati Founder CRM Services / ORACLE Eloqua, Sales Cloud, RightNow and CRM OnDemand Certified Specialist / ECM and SAP Consultant – Business Analyst Tinext

Serge’s ability to understand and deeply analyze and his skills to successfully coordinate very complex projects helped to make our sales department a great success. Serge is an expert with broad and very deep knowledge of all Enterprise Content Management aspects. Especially Enterprise Content Management solutions of OpenText’s product portfolio. He brings great initiative, enthusiasm to work and his ability to work with diverse teams within the company is a great plus. His endless creativity inspires his colleagues to raise the quality of their work. I was continually impressed with Serge’s ability to successfully manage and sell complex Enterprise Content Management solutions while adding creative and inspired insights to high-priority projects. Serge is truly an asset for any company. Serge never took the spotlight for himself; he always turned it on his team and gave them the recognition they deserved, parking his ego at the door which is rare in this business. It was a pleasure to work with Serge and I hope I get the opportunity to do it again in the future.

Serse Bonvini Founder Chief Operating Officer at NetComm Suisse Association

Serge is an inspiring leader who I had the privilege of working alongside as part of the Executive team of Tinext. Serge believed always in the potential of our company while he was CDO at Tinext for little bit more than 5 years. He was heading up our sales development, positioning OpenText’s Enterprise Content Management Solutions as leading edge technologies to be implemented by Tinext as Enterprise Content Management solutions provider for many customers. Serge demonstrates a high degree of expertise in his field, matched only by his enthusiasm which is infectious. His passion for the job makes him a strong professional, energetic and dedicated, a strong asset to any team. Serge is a hard worker and brilliant problem solver with an arsenal of Enterprise Content Management knowledge at his disposal. He always thinks a few steps ahead of everyone else. He has great energy and business sense. He is a driver and can self-motivate. He works with passion and initiative. He can get really excited about technology or new customer solutions we used to implement for many our customers. However he keeps the ability to put things in perspective, not focusing on the small parts but acknowledging the entire experience instead. I can recommend him to anyone who’s looking for an enthusiastic and authentic driver of new markets.

Maurizio Müller Head of Software at Tinext SA

I really enjoyed working with Serge at SAP and also highly appreciate getting to know him personally. For those considering hiring Serge, I can certainly endorse him for three outstanding skills and traits.

Online Marketing
Serge really understands, loves and is an expert in Online Marketing. He is passionate about attracting the right prospects with thought-provoking content and systematically drawing them through the sales engagement process. He understands the theory and can practically conceive, create and maintain Online Marketing systems to feed the sales pipeline. He distinguishes himself with his post-graduate studies to become a complete Chief Digital Officer.

Serge has had the courage to strike out on his own. He has the clarity and maturity to understand other entrepreneurs and what needs to be achieved. His experience in project management helps him to realistically estimate effort and cost in advance.

Personal Generosity
By chance of living in the same neighborhood, I got to learn of his personal generosity. Although he humbly never mentioned them, he has made conscious choices to share with others and improve our society. I am happily willing to serve as a reference for Serge.

David Tully Global Major Accounts Sales Director for Business Application Software Solutions SAP (Schweiz) AG
Open Mind Consulting

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